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Greetings from Prof. Dr. Dr. hc mult. H.Haken

Dear Mr. Liening,


In light of the foundation of your "Centre of Complexity Science and Business Education" I send you my very best wishes.


Especially in the last weeks it became clear to a broad public how complex economic processes are in reality, especially in the field of finance, and how drastic the consequences can be for our everyday life. For a long time, economic sciences have been asking themselves how to get a hold on the economy as a complex system and what kind of actions and strategies could be applied in order to deal with it. An important concept in this context is the question of how to organize oneself. Its initial features date way back to the times of Adam Smith and it has been emphasized especially by Friedrich August von Hayek in the last century. As a matter of fact it is essential to note that in the history of science, the principle of self-organization roots in the field of physics regardless of the scientific approach which led to a large mathematical theory of self-organization. This showed that the same principles can be used in various systems, which can be seen as the foundation of synergetic as an interdisciplinary field of research. Synergetic as a paradigm of complexity sciences shows, how useful interdisciplinary research can be. In this way, concepts and models which have been developed in different fields of research, such as physics and mathematics are applied more and more in economic sciences by now.


You yourself, dear Mr. Liening, have identified the importance of new concepts such as chaos theory and fractal geometry for appliance in economic sciences way back in time and have contributed a lot since then. As I can see from the announcement of your centre, you are planning on doing research on complexity but also in a practical way in the context of business education. For that I wish you and your colleagues, great success.

Yours truly



Hermann Haken


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