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Mission Statement

The Centre of Complexity Sciences and Entrepreneurship Education named CCSEE takes up highly topical research approaches:

The modern economy is characterized by an advancing complexity; thus, many traditional economic explanatory models increasingly lose persuasive power. The development of the economy as a whole is not always characterized by fluent transitions as suggested by numerous traditional models. In fact, discontinuities and apparently non-predictable turbulences occur, as it is shown by the development of share prices or the current economic crisis. Thus, economy and economy-related subareas can be understood as non-linear, dynamical systems. In this context one also speaks of complex systems.

The findings of complexity sciences shall be used for the field of economic and entrepreneurship education at the new center. Economic education is that part of general education which enables humans to act in a professional and responsible way in a world that is increasingly permeated by economic requirements. Accordingly, the education of teachers of economics, as well as vocational further education (e. g. entrepreneurship education), play an important role in teaching at Prof. Liening’s chair. The main emphasis in Dortmund is put on questions of business management. That is why the title of the center contains the term "entrepreneurship education". In this context a number of research projects are intended, which build on already existing research projects of the chair, which complement them. Apart from that they orient towards the areas of research of economic and entrepreneurship education, where the input-oriented concepts are ignored due to the new orientation with regard to the increasing output orientation.


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