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The Technische Universität Dortmund has available excellent transport connections by car and public transportation.

Arrival by car


The campus of the Technische Universität Dortmund is situated close to the motorway intersection Dortmund West, where the Sauerlandlinie A 45 (Frankfurt-Dortmund) crosses the Ruhrschnellweg B 1 / A 40. From here the university is connected to the west with the motorway network of the Ruhr Area and beyond that to the regions of the Lower Rhine and the Netherlands. In the eastern direction the B 1 leads through Dortmund to Unna, where there is a connection with the motorways leading to Bremen, Hannover/Berlin and Kassel. In the north, the A 45 ends after a few kilometres at the A 2, leading to the Kamener Kreuz and in the other direction to Oberhausen. In the Westhofener Kreuz, south of the university, the A 45 crosses the A 2, leading to Bremen and Köln. The best motorway exit you find on the A 45 is "Dortmund-Eichlinghofen" (closer to the Campus Süd) and on the B 1 / A 40 "Dortmund-Dorstfeld" (closer to the Campus Nord). There are signs at both exits leading you to the university. Also there is a new exit before you pass over the B 1-bridge leading into Dortmund. This exit is fairly new and due to roadworks in that area the exit might be closed temporarily. To get from Campus Nord to Campus Süd by car there is only a small winding road (Vogelpothsweg/Baroper Straße). Out of consideration for the residents the speed limit is 30 km/h. It is more advisable to leave the car on one of the parking lots located at Campus Nord and use the H-Bahn (suspended monorail system), which connects the two campuses.

Arrival by train

The Technische Universität Dortmund has its own train station ("Dortmund Universität"). From there suburban trains leave for the Dortmund main station (“Dortmund Hauptbahnhof”) and the Düsseldorf main station via the “Düsseldorf Airport train station” (take the S-Bahn number 1 which leaves every 20 or 30 minutes). So the university is within easy reach from Bochum, Essen, Mülheim an der Ruhr and Duisburg. During the semester there are additional suburban trains shuttling back and forth between Dortmund and Bochum. Also there is the possibilty of getting from Dortmund city to the university by bus or tram: from the Dortmund main station you can take all trams bound for the station “Stadtgarten” usually the underground routes U41, U45, U 47 and U49. At "Stadtgarten" you switch trams and get onto the line U42 towards "Hombruch". The station you have to look out for is  “An der Palmweide”. From the bus station just over the road busses bound for the Technische Universität leave every ten minutes (468, 447). Another possibility is to take the underground routes U41, U45, U47 and U49 from Dortmund main station to the stop “Dortmund Kampstraße”. From there take the U43 or U44 to the stop “Dortmund Wittener Straße”. Switch to the bus line 447 and get off at “Dortmund Universität S”. For individual timetable information about public passenger traffic see the homepage of the Verkehrsverbund Rhein-Ruhr (that is the regional public transportation system (www.vrr.de).

Arrival by plane

From the Dortmund airport (www.flughafen-dortmund.de) you can fly to several places in Central Europe. There are regular air connections with Amsterdam, Berlin, Dresden, Katowice, Kraków, Leibzig-Halle, London, München, Nürnberg, Paris, Poznán, Stuttgart, Vienna and Zurich e.g. To get from the Dortmund airport to the Technische Universität Dortmund, which are approximately 20 kilometers apart, you can use a shuttle bus to the railway station "Bahnhof Holzwickede" from which trains depart to the Dortmund main station (www.vrr.de) for more information). Normally the fastest way is to catch a taxi at Dortmund airport. The Rhein-Ruhr-Airport in Düsseldorf (www.duesseldorf-international.de), 60 kilometers away from Dortmund, offers world-wide air connections. It can be reached directly from the university's train station using the suburban train S1, but normally it is faster to use the suburban train to Dortmund main station and then take a regional train ("Regional Express") to Düsseldorf, which does not stop as often as the suburban trains do.

The H-Bahn

The H-Bahn is one of the symbols of the Technische Universität Dortmund. There are two stations on the Campus Nord. One ("Dortmund Universität S") is directly located at the stop of the suburban train, which connect the TU directly to the city of Dortmund and the rest of the Ruhr area. Also from this station there are connections to the "Technologiepark" and (via Campus Süd) Eichlinghofen. The other station is located at the dining hall at Campus Nord and offers a direct connection to Campus Süd every five minutes. (www.h-bahn.info).