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Guest Lectures

Guest speeches1

Above teaching theoretical contents, the chair for Technology Management aims at delivering insights into practice. Therefore, on a regularly basis, different cooperation partners are invited to give a glimpse at their business models and at recent developments in their business field and related strategic as well as operational field of actions.


Examples for guest lectures in the past


190619_Gastvortrag HanseVentures2

Hanse Ventures

Christoph Eggerath gave a guest lecture within the "Technology-oriented Entrepreneurship course in June 2019. He presented the topic "Financing of Startups through Venture Capital" by using real life examples, which provided students with insights from practice.

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190521_Gastvortrag_Fond Of2


Through a guest presentation of Nils Eiteneyer within the "Technology-oriented entrepreneurship" lecture our students were provided with insights into the practical realization of theoretical contents.

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Struktur Management Partner

  • Bachelor course „Technology and Restructuring Management“
  • Dr. Joachim Grabow
  • Guest lecture on the topic of Change Management


Google Zukunftswerkstatt

  • Master course „Strategic Technology & Innovation Management (STIM)“
  • Thorsten Olscha
  • Guest lecture on the topic of Online Marketing


Xella und Wilo

  • Master course "Strategic Technology and Innovation Management (STIM)"
  • Dr. Thorsten Kettner from Wilo
  • Dr. Alexander Brunst from Xella
18-11_Gastvortrag Adhesys

Adhesys Medical

  • Bachelor course "Planning and Project Management (PUP)"
  • Alexander Schueller
  • Guest lecture on the topic of founding experience



  • Bachelor course "Technology and Restructuring Management"
  • Felix Häser
  • Guest lecture on the topic of technology roadmapping, portfolio management and management tools for the technology development process

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