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Short and long-term Research Cooperations

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The chair is also interested in short or long-term research cooperations. A long-term collaboration comprises, for instance, the funding of a research associate by the cooperating company. Research papers to be submitted to relevant journals for publication inter alia evolve out of this funding. Please contact us in case you are interested in a research project.



Examples for short and long-term Research Cooperations


  • Research on M&A strategies for startups
  • Examination of processes that startups use for target identification
  • Analysis of successful inorganic growth strategies (e.g. buy-and-build approach)
  • Investigation of how acquired startups are integrated into the economy



  • Research on dynamic Customer Journey and options for established corporations to react to those changes
  • Analysis of the implications of digitalization and resulting changes for organizations’ capabilities



  • Research on marketing in young, growth-oriented organizations
  • Investigation on companies’ marketing activities in detail
  • Analysis of marketing instruments and evaluation of their effects over time
  • Examination of the role of decision-makers in marketing design



  • Research on data of the annually gathered ‘Gründungsmonitor’
  • Analysis of new founders’ activities, especially of hybrid entrepreneurs as a special form of founders




Possibilities for organizations to collaborate with the chair

If you are interested in a cooperation with the chair, please do not hesitate to us.


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