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the Professorship's alumni:

Foto Cassian Behlau

Cassian Behlau

Topic: Implementing Circular Economy on the Firm Level – Antecedents and Enablers to Promote Environmentally Sustainable Competitive Advantage

Foto Leonard Benning

DR. Leonard Benning

Topic: Inorganic Growth of New Technology Ventures: Drivers and Capabilities in the M&A Process


DR. Oliver Burger

Topic: Customer involvement in new product development: Performance mechanisms and success factors

Foto Max Groberg

Dr. max groberg

Topic: A Scale for Measuring the Effectiveness of Digital Transformations: Empirical Investigation of the Role of Corporate Entrepreneurship and Organizational Outcomes

Foto Julian Hess

Dr. Julian Hess

Topic: Strategic Flexibility in the Digital Age: Antecedents of Strategic Flexibility and the Role of Digital Technology Capabilities

Foto Jessica Moser

Dr. jessica moser

Topic: The Genesis of the Nascent Firm: Drivers and Barriers along the Venture Creation Process

Foto Isabel Ohlies

Dr. Isabel Ohlies

Topic: Towards a Better Understanding of Entrepreneurial Marketing: Performance Outcomes, Antecedents and Tools of Entrepreneurial Marketing in New Ventures

Foto Michael Pielen

DR. Michael Pielen

Topic: Business models for new mobility solutions/ecosystems

Foto Raphael Rettig

dr. Raphael Rettig

Topic: Diffusion of Digital Manufacturing Process Innovations: Capabilities and Organizational Change in Global Environments


DR. Martin Ruth

Topic: Entrepreneurial passion – A multi-sample investigation of antecedents, mechanisms, and venture-level outcomes along the entrepreneurial process

Foto Marc Schmidt

DR. Marc Schmidt

Topic: Entrepreneurship in developing countries


DR. Jana Schulz

Topic: Human Capital and Hybrid Entrepreneurship

Foto Christian Sturm

Dr. Christian Sturm

Topic: Bootstrapping: Antecedents, Methods and Consequences of Financial Bootstrapping Behavior

Foto Hans-Martin Vetter

Dr. Hans-Martin Vetter

Topic: Dynamic Capabilities for Digital Transformation: Scale Development and Investigation of Performance Implications

Foto Thomas Zehren

Dr. Thomas zehren

Topic: Start-up Financing: Antecedents and Implications of Traditional Funding Sources and Alternative Financing Mechanisms