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Guest lecture on “Entrepreneurial Downsizing and Exit for Good“

Through a guest presentation of Nils Eiteneyer within the "Technology-oriented entrepreneurship" lecture our students were provided with insights into practical realization of theoretical contents.

190521_Gastvortrag_Fond Of2

During the lecture “Technologieorientiertes Unternehmertum”, Nils Eiteneyer (FOND OF) held a guest lecture on his experiences in the startup environment. His focus was not on the growth phase of the venture but on a less successful phase, an intended turnaround and the downsizing of the firm that followed. Despite these rather negative events, Nils showed clearly how to make the best out of such a situation from a personal, social, and economic perspective.


We appreciate that Nils shared these interesting insights into the life of a startup’s managing director.

190521_Gastvortrag_Fond Of5

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