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Presentation at Transatlantic Sync, Silicon Valley, USA

Katrin Bauer attended the Transatlantic Sync Conference in Mountain View, CA, USA.


„Germany and Silicon Valley – Shaping a Shared Digital Future” was the caption of the conference at Silicon Valley’s Computer History Museum which Katrin Bauer attended recently. On this research- and likewise practically oriented convention, Katrin presented her research approach. She discussed the influence of digitalization and innovative technologies on innovation behavior and personality in the public sector together with researchers, practitioners and journalists from the two continents. Among her dialog partners were Professors of the Public Policy and Economics programs at Stanford University. Through these inspiring conversations, Katrin garnered ideas for an advancement of the existing research and built new networks inter alia for future collaborations on a scientific and business level. Further highlights on the conference were keynote speeches such as of John Hennessy, Chairman of Alphabet, Inc., and panel discussions about “Digital Democracy” or “Supply Chain Security”. Policy makers inter alia from the German Federal Foreign Office, above scientists and business leaders, participated in the convention, which was organized by the German-American Business Association (GABA).



Katrin Bauer presented her research concept – inter alia via poster

Katrin Bauer with the conference organizers (left to right: Katharina Lix/Co-President, Lars Thorben Neustock/Co-President, Lorenzo Pirrone/TU Do Master student, Katrin Bauer, Carolin Thomas/Director)