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Organization & Management for Competitive Advantage (Master - TM VI)

Field of study: Master / Business C
Module: Technology Management VI

Dr. Bastian Kindermann
Res. Assoc. Marko Kraljev

Extent of study / Credits: 4 SWS (Credit hours) / 7,5 Credits
Date and Time:
Lecture and Exercise: Every Wednesday, 2:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m., HG II HS 6
April 14th, 2021



Why are some organizations more successful than others? In our research-oriented master level course “Organization & Management for Competitive Advantage”, we will explore the diverse set of responses that researchers offer to this core question of strategic management. The course content covers six main areas: 1) Foundations: Tracing the origins of the strategy concept, 2) Strategy & economics: Exploring the influence of economics on the notion of strategy, 3) Strategy making: Understanding different perspectives on the strategy formation process, 4) Competitive strategies: Learning about strategy in competitive settings, 5) Cooperative strategies: Examining strategy in cooperative settings, and 6) Digital strategy: Delving into digital platform strategies. The sequence of these six areas reflects the evolution of the strategic management field.

The general content overview of the lecture can be found here and more detailed information can be found in the course outline (here) or on Moodle.

Please use the following Zoom-Link to join the first lecture on April 14th, 2 pm:

Meeting ID: 833 182 2910
Passcode: 811001

Disclaimer: All information and hints given are done so without responsibility or liability for correctness and functionality. Please consult the official module guide for further information.



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Dr. Bastian Kindermann
Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter
Tel.: 0231 755-8343
Marko Kraljev
Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter
Tel.: 0231 755-8345