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International Business (Bachelor - IM I)

Level of Study: Bachelor
Module: 8a-d
Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Tessa Flatten
Wiss. Mit. Katrin Bauer
Wiss. Mit. Corinna Gerleve
Credit hours: 4 (German: SWS)
Credit points: 7.5
Date and Time:

Lecture + Tutorial: Tuesday, 11 am. - 02 pm. at the Chemistry building / room Chemie I - C1-06-777
Lecture + Tutorial: Wednesday, 11 am. - 02 pm. at the Math tower / room M811

The course is held in 12 consecutive sessions over a 6-week period. The class takes place 2 days per week, new material is presented each day.


November 26, 2019

Registration is not required.

Language: English

As you have to register for an examination option right at the beginning, it is absolutely mandatory to attend the first session in person.



The module is devoted to foster the understanding regarding the strategy development by considering external influences as well as international aspects. Based on this, growth strategies for companies are discussed and the special role of innovations within these strategies is highlighted with a special focus on companies that are internationally active.

A content overview of the course International Business is available here.

General hint: All information and hints given are done so without responsibility or liability for correctness and functionality. Please consult the official module guide for further information.



By clicking on the moodle logo, you will be transferred directly to the registration for the work space of this course. The required password will be communicated to you in the first lecture.

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Katrin Bauer
Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin
Tel.: 0231 755-5434
Corinna Gerleve
Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin