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Established corporations

Resilience of established companys


Current research projects at our chair
Innovation behavior and personality in the public sector

Digitalization, inter alia via e-Government and growing network structures amid different organizations, has been steadily spilling over to the public sector. However, governance in public institutions is still rather static, hindering top public management’s flexible anticipation of or reaction to changing environments. Consequently, we respond to the question of which personal and organizational factors nurture entrepreneurial action of top public managers and foster a more adaptable governance in public administration. To this end, we deploy established private sector concepts of innovative personalities and organizations to survey top public managers.

Your contact: Katrin Bauer


Circular Economy as enabler for sustainable production

For the growing business risks for manufacturing firms in the context of climate change, Circular Economy offers solutions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and decouple economic growth from the consumption of natural resources. Our research project consequently aims at investigating the organizational prerequisites for the development of circular economy practices and their impact on customer relationships and innovative strength of producing firms.

Your contact: Cassian Behlau


The value of customer knowledge in product development

Given rising customer expectations and development costs, companies increasingly involve customers in the development of new products and services. Despite significant resources dedicated to the acquisition and deployment of customer knowledge, such projects do often fail in developing an innovative and customer-centric product. This research project aims to identify organizational success factors for the involvement of customers in product development. Research is conducted across various industries and organizations in order to analyze a broad range of team- and organization-level factors with regard to their impact on product success.

Your contact: Oliver Burger


Dynamic Capabilities in Digital Entrepreneurship

The research project "Dynamic Capabilities in Digital Entrepreneurship" investigates the development of dynamic digital capabilities in the context of the continuous digitalization of processes, resources and business models. Our research focuses on the development of a scale for measuring the dynamic digital capabilities of a company in order to evaluate the causes and identify critical success factors.

Your contact: Aleksej Dreiling