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Jannika Mattes: "Transformation regionaler Innovationssysteme" (22.01.2015)

Jannika Mattes (Universität Oldenburg) spricht am Donnerstag, den 22.01.2015, zum Thema "Transformation regionaler Innovationssysteme". Der Vortrag mit anschließender Diskussion findet von 16-18 Uhr c.t. in Raum P1-05-306 statt.



Energy transitions have been addressed in a field of research that is concerned with structures and dynamics of socio-technological transitions. Small-scale regions are thereby important seedbeds and helpful fields for the empirical observation of energy transitions. Yet, systematic accounts of spatial and relational dimensions of transitions are underrepresented in the prevalent theories, the Multi-Level-Perspective (MLP) and the Technological Innovation Systems (TIS) approach. This presentation shows how these approaches to energy transitions can be complemented by regional innovation system (RIS) analysis. Drawing on the RIS approach, it can be shown that local development dynamics result from the interaction of various subsystems: science, politics, public administration, industry, finance, intermediaries and civil society. Combining RIS with elements of MLP and TIS, the presentation will further suggest “Regional Learning Systems” as a new framework for analysis. Regional Learning Systems explain transitions as interplay between actors, places of regional learning and landscapes that frame transitions vis-à-vis the system’s environment. 

This approach will be illustrated with empirical insights obtained in the project COMPOSITE. Case studies from Emden and Bottrop show how energy transitions occur in particular locations and disentangle the networks of the participating actors. An interesting empirical result is that the degree of institutionalization differs highly between the two locations: While Bottrop has created specialized organizations to coordinate and support its energy transformation, Emden relies upon personal networks of the leading individuals. The difference is also mirrored in the divergent role of the subsystems.

Der Vortrag wird auf Deutsch stattfinden.


Zur Person

Jannika Mattes ist seit Mai 2011 Juniorprofessorin für die Soziologie europäischer Gesellschaften an der Universität Oldenburg. Ihre Hauptforschungsgebiete sind Innovations- und Organisationsforschung. In diesen Feldern konzentriert sie sich besonders auf Innovationen in multinationalen Betrieben und auf regionale Lernprozesse. Sie interessiert sich für inter- und innerorganisationale Interaktionen und die Organisation komplexer, gemeinschaftlicher Prozesse und erforscht des Weiteren die Dimensionen von Macht und Vertrauen in sozialen Beziehungen.