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Urban, Regional, and International Economics

Prof. Christiane Hellmanzik


The URI chair offers undergraduate and graduate lectures, seminars, and projects in the Economics and Spatial Planning faculties. These courses include topics related to urban, regional, and international economics, such as:

  • Fundamentals of micro and macroeconomics
  • Human capital development in knowledge economies
  • Spatial choice theory and regional development
  • Migration
  • Digitisation
  • Globalisation

We also teach several courses for MSc SPRING programme, including Academic Writing and Economic Instruments for Regional Development Planning.

Academic Research and Dissertations

The research team at our chair have expertise in topics such as regional disparities, regional development, spatial distribution of economic activity, agglomeration economies, migration, peer effects, learning and knowledge diffusion, creative and cultural production (e.g. art auctions/markets, literature, science, economics), international trade of goods and services, and digitisation.

If you are interested in doing your dissertation at our chair, you can find more information about our ongoing research and the dissertation process in the Research and Teaching sections of the chair website.

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VWL (Urbane, Regionale und Internationale Wirtschaftsbeziehungen) Sekretariat
Tel.: 0231 755-8341